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Your child's first trampoline

OKIEDOG™ 3 in 1 Trampoline is a true multipurpose product, designed to be the perfect center of activity for your child inside the home and outdoors. Starting from just 10 months of age and enjoyable up to the age of 5 years.

OKIEDOG™ is the first folding mini trampoline that offers a ball pit, beginner's trampoline with an easy-grip safety bar, and a fully-fledged freestyle trampoline, all in one slick design.


With ready to use feature straight out of the box and tested for your child's safety, OKIEDOG is a unique mini trampoline that will bring fun and enjoyment to any surroundings.


Develops motor skills & coordination


Our Story

OKIEDOG™ trampoline started as the brainchild of our most senior engineer who was searching for a mini trampoline for his 18-month-old spirited granddaughter. To his surprise, he just couldn't find a trampoline he felt comfortable enough with giving as a gift from an adoring and caring grandparent.

Long story short, and many prototypes built and tested, OKIEDOG™ trampoline came to life, With the idea of creating the world's first folding mini-trampoline designed with toddlers in mind, that's not only safe for its innovative design but also offers the amazing attributes a trampoline has with the added value of a built-in ball pit, all in one amazing package.


Ball pit

The ball pit is a sensory environment where babies learn fine motor skills by throwing the ball around, differentiate between colors, and start to learn counting, all while playing in a safe and fun environment suited for them


With safety bar

These first steps on the trampoline promote balance and coordination plus promotes your child to become aware of spatial awareness, all while having lots of fun. features a patented 5th leg design that prevents the trampoline from tipping over when your child holds onto the safety bar

Free style

When your child grows taller and more confident you can remove the safety bar for free style jumping fun, letting your child impress you with their jumps and new skills 


Smart design

Mom and Dad will appreciate the ease of use OKIEDOG bring, with its smart design and multi-purpose capabilities all in one product that also folds for easy storage.


Our Company

OKIEDOG produces young children products since 2006 with the highest standard in the industry. We designed our trampoline, as with all of our products, with the emphasis on safety, durability, and good value for your money, while ensuring 100% satisfaction. This is our motto.

We manufacture and design all of our products in a state-of-the-art facility with years of experience in creating children's products of top quality. Our HQ is located in the business center of Hong Kong and all of our products are offered worldwide.


Get ready for summer with OKIEDOG pool kit accessory


Stay Active

OKIEDOG trampoline will help children stay active in-home while encouraging them to develop their motor skills, coordination, and strength.

Healthy life


Our vision

OKIEDOG trampoline promotes a healthy lifestyle through active playing.

At OKIEDOG our mission is to create only the best toys for children that put back the emphasis on fun active playing that comes naturally to children.

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