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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Okiedog?
    Okiedog has been around since 2006 and specializes in consumer products for toddlers and young children. Today we focus on quality, smart toys that are safely adapted to the age of our users and suitable for domestic use.
  • Who is behind the Okiedog brand?
    Okiedog ltd is backed and owned by Tetro ltd, a leading OEM manufacturer (original equipment manufacturer), that specifically specializes in top-tier quality baby, toddler and juvenile consumer products. You can find many of Tetro’s products through leading distributors and retailers around the world, sold under leading brand names such as Croozer, doona, manfrotto, miggo, mifold and many more.
  • Where can I purchase Okiedog trampoline?
    Our trampolines can be purchased via Distributors around the globe here. Spare parts and accessories can be purchased on our site shop page.
  • Do you charge Shipping cost?
    The shipping is FREE when purchasing a trampoline on Amazon or here on our Shop page. Shipping is currently available in the USA only. If you're not located in the U.S, plese check our distributors page to find out if you can order our products localy in your country. We do charge shipping costs for our accessories, USPS Standard shipping.
  • Do you have more products beside the Trampoline?
    The trampoline is the first product from a future product line that will be launched soon under the Okiedog brand, which will include a variety of children and nursery toys and essential products.
  • What ages can use your trampoline?
    Our trampoline is suitable for the "Toddler age group", which means 10 month up to 5 years.
  • Do you offer any defects warranty for your trampolines?
    Yes, we do offer 12 months manufacturer's warranty on defects originating from manufacturing only. any defects originated by misuse of the products will not be coverd.
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